The goalposts have moved…

“Keep Your Distance“
Seen out on the trail…

Sometimes the best of intentions are affected by factors outside of one’s own control. 2020 is such a year with the Covid-19 pandemic sending much of the world, let alone ultrarunning and fundraising, into unknown territory. The Irrational SOUTH 200 Mile event has been postponed to October 7th. However I will still be running and am about to commence the main fundraising push now that restrictions are starting to be eased in Australia.

What else does the change of date mean? First of all, it gives me much more time to train. Which is both a blessing and a curse as it is already becoming very tough mentally to maintain motivation with all the uncertainty. Hopefully some races get approval over the next couple of months to give me some targets to try to meet along the way. There are also some plans for some freestyle solo efforts coming soon. I’m trying to lock something in for the June long weekend which is around the original date for the 200 Mile event.

It also means that my likely finish date for main event is October 10th. This is an extraordinary coincidence, as this would have been Travis’ 41st birthday. When I noticed this I didn’t know whether to laugh or cry…. I feel like this is a sign that we are doing something good for the greater community. With all that is going on in the world so many more people are going to be needing help.

Big love and virtual hugs to you all.