What’s Training To Run 200 Miles Like?

When I tell people I’m going to run 200 Miles from Murray Bridge to Clare on a trail I always get asked “How do you train for that?” The answer is difficult but basically I’ve been running…. A LOT! My average weekly mileage has been over 100km for the last couple of months and most of that has been up and down the hills around Adelaide. For those not familiar with running training it breaks down as follows:

I try to run every day or as close to it as I can plus do plenty of walking. Most runs are at en easy effort and are about 10km to 20km long. Once a week I’ll do some faster running which helps with maintaining good running form and makes my muscles work a little bit differently. There is also a “long run” each week and these have generally been 30km to 45km. Just to change things up I’ve also added in some hiking while wearing a 10kg weight vest. To add a bit of variation some weeks I’ve done some “back to back” long runs. An example being when I ran 35km on Friday and 35km on Saturday a few weeks ago. Add in some night time running and that’s pretty much it as far as running.

Of course I’ll need to be strong to keep moving after 2 or 3 days out on the trail so I also try to add in one session of strength work and one session of mobility (stretching etc.) each week. However I’m not always the best at getting these session in! Hopefully I’ve done enough. Guess I’ll find out when I go and check in with my physiotherapist next week.

The other side of all this training is the mental side of things. Making sure that I am practicing strategies to keep going when times get tough. When the body starts to hurt it‘s my brain that gives the signal to keep moving. The mind is King and being able to control myself through all different emotions is key to getting the job done.

Finally I have been talking to and working with my crew. There are the people who are offering their time to help me complete this incredible journey. I’ll need them to know when to push me, when to be calm and keep track of all the important things like nutrition, hydration and looking after my body.

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